Jared’s last loss in the Octagon now makes sense. Gordon’s left hand was busted up after a series of rather unfortunate and bizarre events that you have to see to believe y.

According to Bloody Elbow, Jared recalls a wild, unexpected street fight he got into with two alleged gang members on the streets of Queens, N.Y., while waiting his turn at a barber shop two months prior to his fight. 

According to Gordon, he and a friend were outside visiting with one of his buddy’s former jiu-jitsu students when two men approached the young man, spit on him and took a swing.

It was then that Gordon,  who was simply enjoying a nice cup of coffee, sprung into action.

“That’s when I jumped him. We all started fighting. My friend starts fighting the other kid, and they bumped into me and the kid I was fighting. We hit the storefront window, and the whole thing came down on us.”

According to Gordon, a Rikers Island corrections officer who witnessed the fight confirmed that the two men involved in the fight were members of the GS9 crips in New York.

As a result of the shattered window glass falling on him, Gordon suffered deep cuts on three fingers that required a total of 21 stitches. That looks painful. You never know who you’re going to tangle with.