Ukrainian tennis plaer Alexandr Dolgopolov has learned firsthand what it feels like to get attacked by a predator after his pet cat sank its teeth into the player’s leg.  

The former world number 13 shared a photo on his Instagram page showing four bite marks on his leg left by the sharp teeth of his pet.

“Still want a serval?” Dolgopolov captioned the picture. “First make sure you can manage it. This cat requires RESPECT, it’s not your sweet home pussy cat! Teeth look to be nice and straight. Went in perfectly.”

Commenting on his Instagram post, the tennis player stressed that generally, his pet is quite calm and nice, but “demands” respect from his owner.  

Last month, Dolgopolov got back to training following a four-month hiatus caused by a wrist injury.  

Now he has to recover from his leg injury. 

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