Have you ever wondered if you could build your own Disc Golf basket and play the game in your backyard? If not, you can now turn this into reality and build one. How? The answer is in this post!

Traveling a long distance to play on a disc golf course is not easy if you want to play daily. Also, due to the pandemic, many fields and courses are still closed. But now you don’t have to spend hours traveling because now you can build your own Disc Golf basket at your place and practice the game in your backyard. In addition, you can add more fun to your playing time by inviting your friends and introducing them to this amazing, fun game.

Also, building equipment with dedication inculcates more love and passion for the sport. It will let you understand the dynamics of the equipment and the overall game. So, get ready to build your own DIY portable Disc Golf basket to enjoy the game in your backyard. To make it even more convenient to enjoy disc golf in your own backyard, consider investing in a disc golf bag. These bags are designed to carry multiple discs and can be easily transported. They come in various sizes and styles to fit your needs, and many even have additional pockets for storing other equipment such as towels, water bottles, and snacks. Read a blog about best disc golf bags here.

Before we begin building a Disc Golf basket, you need to understand the parts and components of a basket.

 Parts of a Disc Golf Basket:

There are mainly three major parts of a Disc Golf Basket:

1. Pole 

2. Basket 

3. Chains 

4. Frame 

5. Lower Basket.

These parts are divided into three categories: the first includes the pole and basket, the second includes chains, and the third includes the frame and the lower basket.

Note: PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), an official governing regulatory body for the game, standardizes the rules and dimensions of the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that one tries to follow the standard dimensions while building a DIY basket. Along with playing the game for fun, you can also prepare yourself to play it on a professional level.

Dimensions of Components of Disc 

Basket: According to PDGA, the Dimensions of Disc Golf baskets vary in three categories—basic, standard, and champion level.

Dimensions for Basic Disc Golf Basket: The rim must be 21 1/3 inches in width, the length of a chain at least 22 inches below the rim. The lower basket should be 25.7 inches in width and 6.7 inches in height. Additionally, the chains for a basic Disc Golf basket must be fewer than 18 chains.

Dimensions of Standard Disc Golf Basket(also Called frisbee Golf Basket): The dimensions for a standard Frisbee Golf basket are the same as for a basic one, but the only difference is the quality of the material and the number of chains. Since there are more than 18 chains installed in this basket, you need a durable material for its foundation because only a strong foundation can hold heavy baskets and chains.

Dimensions of a Disc Golf Basket for Championships: These baskets are used in the top-tier tournaments and are approved by PDGA. Therefore, the quality of these baskets has to be top-notch. Therefore, the dimensions of these baskets are similar to the dimensions of a standard Disc Golf basket.

  • Chains: As per the PDGA, the minimum length of a chain should be 9 inches, the minimum number of the outer, or up and down chains is 12 pcs, and a minimum number of inner chains is 6pcs. Since we are about to build a DIY basket here, the number of chains can vary. Also, the PDGA has not set any standards for the size and thickness of a chain used in the Frisbee Golf basket so that you can choose the material of the chains according to your budget. But always remember the quality of your equipment should be high so that you can build a durable basket for long term use.
  • Height of Overall Disc Golf Basket: According to the standards of PDGA, a Disc Golf basket should be 52 inches high from the ground, and the distance between the lower basket and the ground should be 25.7 inches.
  • Width of Overall Disc Golf Basket: The width of the upper ring for chains should be 21.3 inches, and the lower basket must be 25.7 inches.
  • Weight of Overall Disc Basket: Since the PDGA has not standardized the weight for the Frisbee Golf Basket aka Disc Golf basket, there are no defined dimensions. But to ensure the stability of the foundation of the basket, the basket should weigh between 18 to 25 kilos.

However, the dimensions may also vary for different competitions and tournaments. Also, we are about to build a DIY Frisbee Golf Basket aka Disc Golf basket to make some changes in the dimensions. But the changes should be closer to the standard dimensions; otherwise, we will not maintain the game’s aesthetics.

So, now that we know the standard dimensions of the basket we are about to make, let’s get familiar with the tools we require to build our DIY portable Disc Golf basket because we need them to arrange the parts of the basket and fix them perfectly so that we do not face any issues with it during play.

Tools Required to Build DIY Portable Disc Golf Basket:

  • Bolt cutters
  • Pliers
  • Flat-head screwdriver Razor knife
  • Drill and 7/32-inch drill bit
  • Round file, Sandpaper or Dremel Tool
  • Hacksaw
  • 8 Round steel bars (basket and chainring supports)
  • 4 Flat steel (band for chainring and basket)
  • Conduit Bender
  • 1 Metal conduit 
  • 1 Enamel black fence post (center post)
  • Coil chain (chains for basket)
  • 2 Duct clamps
  • 1 Hose clamp
  • Allied tube and conduit 
  • 1 Post cap
  • 1 Net or paracord to make a net

Note: The list of tools may vary according to your requirements.

Now comes the most important part of making our disc, i.e., to assemble the parts and give a proper shape to our basket.

Step 1. Create a Foundation- Center Post:

To support the basket and the rings, cut the round steel bar. And cut the flat steel for an outer band of the basket, and the chain ring which lay the foundation of the basket as a center post after the cutting part.

Step 2: Assembling and Bending of Disc Golf Basket Legs.

Cut the metal conduit into 4 pieces, and bend it to a 90 degree angle to form the legs of the basket with the help of a conduit bender. Fit these four pieces into the bottom of the center post. Remember: Do not weld the legs to the center post as they will allow them to rotate and adjust even on an uneven field or Disc Golf Course.

Step 3: Weld and Join the Baskets and Chain Ring:

Attach the lower basket and a chainring to the center post to make the goal. Next, bend and turn the rounded steel into an “S” shape and use it to create the foundation of the structure of the top ring and the lower basket. After the foundation, use the flat steel bar as the halo ring and weld to the ¼ inch steel rod which holds the basket to the ground. 

Heat the rods from some areas using a MapPro Torch to soften it to make it bendable for the “s” shape and install it on the center post from one side and weld the other to the halo ring.

Step 4. Attach the Chains:

Use an angle grinder, hacksaw, or a Dremel tool to cut the chains into a desirable length of your choice. These chains stop the Disc Golf discs when it hits the goal and help it fall into the lower basket. Therefore, choose the length of the chains wisely.

After this step, make holes into the halo ring and attach the chains using the snap links. And put the other end of the chains together at the center of the post using a 5-inch hose lamp. Now, your chains are ready to catch the disc just like the commercial chains do.

Step 5. Add a Net to the Lower Basket:

Now is the time to complete your lower ring, so put a cargo net below the lower ring to catch the disc and prevent it from falling onto the ground. Cut out the middle of the net, and place it on the center post, and adjust it until you get the perfect fit for the lower basket. Next, cut off the excess of the net and use zip ties to hold the net beneath the lower basket.

You can also weld a metal grate instead of the net. But we would recommend a small cargo net because it is easy to install and cheaper than a metal grate.

Step 6. The Final Test:

After you are done with assembling the basket, now is the time for a real test. Take your basket to your backyard and try throwing discs into it and note the factors such as stability of the basket, the ability of the chains to catch the disc, the foundation of the legs, etc., so that you can make the final changes accordingly. Then, your final DIY basket is ready for a quick game!


The process of making a DIY basket can be a great source of fun and amusement; making a basket on your own will help you connect to the game at a deeper level. And the best part is that these DIY Disc Golf baskets can save you a lot of time that you have to spend traveling to a Disc Golf course or a park where Disc Golf baskets are installed, and worry about the social distancing in the crowded parks.

Additionally, these baskets can help you play the game at family gatherings, and you can host a game and invite your friends over to play, which will further rejuvenate everyone.

So, go ahead and make your own DIY Disc Golf basket, and enjoy the game in your backyard with friends and family.