Umpire Ron Kulpa should be suspended and possibly fired for his ridiculous behavior during Wednesday night’s Astros and Rangers game.  He got things rolling by not calling a pitch in the top of the strike zone a strike when the Astros were on the mound.

Kulpa then called a ball that was extremely low a strike when the Rangers were on the mound.  That didn’t sit well with the Astros bench and they let the umpire know about it.

That’s when things took a turn.  Kulpa ejected hitting coach Alex Cintron.  After tossing the coach, Kulpa stared at the Astros bench. 

Manager AJ Hinch wasn’t a fan of the move and got himself tossed for telling Kulpa to look at the field.  

Another angle of Kulpa and Hinch exchanging words reveals the umpire was telling Hinch that he can do whatever he wants.  Which is true and needs to change.  Nobody came to the game to watch the umpires.

The Astros lost the game 4-0.  But we hope they get a win off the field against the umpire and he ends up getting suspended for this insanity.

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