Andrew Luck was on the field this preseason for the first time since the 2016 season.  The Colts quarterback suffered a shoulder injury that he had a really hard time healing from. 

The preseason action didn’t show much, except that he doesn’t seem willing to throw the ball deep.  That was a major part of Luck’s game prior to the injury.

An unnamed AFC assistant coach told the Bleacher Report, that Luck will now be a “Checkdown Charlie.” 

“Have you watched the guy play?” an offensive assistant coach for an AFC team said. “Go back and watch him pre-injury…like 2015. Now watch him today. His throwing motion is completely changed, and he has no deep velocity. His entire game has changed. I bet he’ll be Checkdown Charlie. Like Alex Smith but afraid to get hit.”

If what we saw in the preseason continues, and Luck is no longer able to throw the deep ball, then his career may still be in trouble.  Especially if he can’t win games as a Checkdown Charlie.