Usain Bolt has arrived in Australia to pursue his football dream. All the cameras were squarely on Usain, and he knows the world is watching. 

 “The glare was on him,” said Mariners coach Mike Mulvey. And while it was a far cry from the pressure of those breath-holding moments before the starter’s gun fires in an Olympic 100m final, the media assembled here from around the world ramped things up significantly. Up in the grandstand, the local FM radio DJ whispered anxiously on the phone to his producer: “There’s ESPN, there’s Getty, there’s Fox Sports, then there’s us.”  

Listen to Usain below: 

Bolt clearly can run as fast as any soccer player, and looks great in a jersey, but will he be able to actually play? 

 It won’t be easy. The perennial track-and-field champion has unsuccessfully tried with three clubs around the world in the past year. Maybe this time he’ll stick.