International Games Technology is the biggest developer of slot machines in the world. It has over a million titles at casinos with many thousands of them online. The sheer size of the company allowed them to bring together clients with winnings that ran into millions of dollars. As such, pooled jackpots were made available where the prize money was dependent on how many bettors were engaged at a given time.

Nowadays, billions of dollars are collected in such pooled prizes both online and on brick-and-mortar casinos. Slot titles make up the most of such games as they remain in high demand on both platforms. Microgaming’s famous Mega Moolah Slot is the highest win that has yet been recorded, paying out a massive seventeen million to a Briton in 2013.

More Gambling

One of the simplest strategies to win such jackpots is to place more stakes on progressive slots. Unlike before when stakes were limited to meager amounts, users can take advantage of high limit stakes and get huge payouts once a win is struck. Many slots can even take as much as five hundred dollars per bet.

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Many winners have collected even bigger wins owing mainly to their persistence. One example is of an old woman who won around six hundred dollars. But instead of spending her winnings, she tried her luck again on slots and, a few tries later, ended up winning a twenty-seven million dollar jackpot.

Gamble Responsibly

Even though the payouts can run into many millions, gamblers should ensure that they gamble responsibly and not run out of cash in the process. They should set up a budget and only then approach the tables. Gamblers shouldn’t play with money that they are not willing to lose. All the stakes that are made should be made in proportion to one’s budget. You wouldn’t want to lose a quarter of a million dollars looking to hunt down that million-dollar prize, especially when you don’t know whether luck will be on your side or not.

Bridging the Gap

Over the past two decades, gambling has seen a massive paradigm shift. Many of the land and mortar casinos have also started their operations online which have seen a massive surge in the jackpots wins. However, even then offline casinos haven’t lost their magnificence, especially those that are placed in cities known for their casinos.

Through their online jackpot wins, users can plan a trip to an actual casino to get the experience of a lifetime and see all the gambling action unfold before them. With their winnings, they will be able to have many adventures, and have the opportunity to visit some of the most sumptuous and imperious places offering more than just gambling. Two of the most prestigious gambling destinations include the likes of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Venetian Macao Casino in China.

Final Thoughts

Winning progressive jackpots can change one’s fortune overnight. Those who are lucky enough to call themselves winners can truly become free to explore the world and get more than a gambling experience out of their fortune.