Have you heard of Shisha and do you consume it? Would you be surprised if you were to find out that an E-Shisha exists?  The vape industry has always been known for technological innovations so when the E-Hookas were introduced industry watchers were not surprised. But what is an E-Shisha?

An E-Shisha is a small, electronic water pipe with a cigarette shape that vaporizes the liquid flavor in a chamber just like traditional Hookah pipes. This kit is designed for users who wish to experience their favorite flavors while being on the move. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Hookahs can be enjoyed. Traditional Shisha pipes require the user to be seated in a place for the Shisha flavor to he enjoyed but that is not the case with an E-Hookah.

Since E-Shisha Gear is designed to vaporize liquid, the user doesn’t have to use tar like carbon monoxide or any other toxin that is common with conventional gears.  The positive of this design is that the user is protected from the harmful toxins and negative health impacts of traditional pipes. In fact, health experts have opined that E-Shishas are safer for users.


A Short History of E-Shisha

With this gear this ancient tradition can be enjoyed using technological evolution. Hookah smoking can be traced back hundreds of years and there is so much historical literature we can glean from. However, electronic Hookahs are a relatively new innovation that has taken the world by storm. The first e-cigarette was developed in 2003 by Hon Like who is a Chinese pharmacist. He came up with a design which used piezoelectric ultrasound systems to vaporize nicotine already diluted in propylene glycol.

When he experienced a breakthrough in his research, the first products were introduced into the market in China a year later.  Ever since, the product has spread globally with new design alterations emerging every day. Today, the vape pen is a technological reconstruction of the first Shisha pipes made several hundred years ago.


A New Experience

Hookah users now enjoy the same experience similar to their experience with traditional Shisha. The vapor produced by electronic Hookahs is nicotine free and even better is the fact that the gear is portable and can be carried with ease.  Many have also come to prefer the fear to smoking the usual hookah which experts have already determined to come with tremendous risks. In addition, e-Hookahs offer a wide array of flavors, allowing users to customize their experience and venture beyond traditional Shisha tastes. Furthermore, the convenience of not needing to manage hot coals or prepare a traditional Hookah bowl amplifies the appeal, as it promotes a more effortless, modern approach to this age-old ritual.


How An e Shisha Gear Works?

This gear works using vaporization technology. The e liquid is heated by a coil up to the point where it evaporates. Once evaporation occurs, a safe vapor is created that is toxin free. This is the vapor the user inhales for an ultimate vape experience.  This technology is different from hookahs and tobacco cigarettes that generate smoke from burning materials. While toxins are contained in the smoke they produce, E-Shisha smoke is toxin free.

The three main components in an E-Shisha are the battery, the e liquid and the heating coil or element that generate the vapor. Once the puff is done, your suction triggers the battery to be activated which will trigger the heating element and light up the LED light at the tip. Once the element heats the vapor generated can be inhaled.

Some of the advantages derived from an E-Hookah included absence of toxins, nicotine free, and users don’t have to worry about restrictions of use as they are generally legal in most countries. They are also portable and easy to keep.


E-Shisha: A Lifestyle Trend

Apart from the technological and health aspects, the emergence of E-Shisha represents a shift in lifestyle trends as well. As the world becomes more digital and portable, our habits and preferences adapt accordingly. E-Shisha devices cater to the modern, on-the-go lifestyle, offering the cultural experience of traditional shisha in a compact, convenient form. Their portability and the lack of lingering odors make them more socially acceptable, allowing users to enjoy their favorite flavors without the restrictions typically associated with traditional smoking methods.

Moreover, with an array of different flavors and customizable features, E-Shisha devices have created a subculture within the broader vaping community. Users can personalize their devices, select from a wide variety of flavors, and even adjust the intensity of their vapor, enabling a highly tailored experience. In essence, the rise of E-Shisha is reflective of the broader societal shift towards personalization and digitization. As vaping technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative features that enhance the user experience, making E-Shisha not just a substitute for traditional shisha, but a unique phenomenon in its own right.


The Health Implications of E-Shisha

When it comes to discussing vaping technology, the topic of health implications invariably takes the spotlight. Given the known health risks associated with traditional smoking methods, the E-Shisha has been heralded as a healthier alternative for nicotine consumers. The crux of the argument lies in the nature of the vapor generated. While traditional hookahs and cigarettes rely on combustion, leading to the production of harmful byproducts like tar and carbon monoxide, E-Shisha bypasses these harmful substances by simply vaporizing the liquid. This results in a vapor devoid of these toxins, reducing the potential harm to the user’s respiratory system.

However, it’s crucial to note that ‘safer’ does not equate to ‘safe.’ While E-Shishas do reduce the consumption of certain harmful substances, they aren’t entirely risk-free. The flavored liquids used in these devices often contain chemical additives, the long-term effects of which are not entirely known. Moreover, while E-Shisha vapors are nicotine-free, they can still foster a dependence on the action of smoking itself, potentially serving as a gateway to nicotine addiction. Therefore, although the transition from traditional shisha to E-Shisha may be a healthier choice, it is essential for consumers to be aware of the potential risks and use the devices responsibly.