One of the most anticipated NHL games of the season is set for the 7 th of March 2019. The Vegas
Golden Knights are rising up against the Calgary Flames and the match has been the talk amongst ice
hockey fans. With all the energy surrounding the much anticipated match, bets have been opened
online and fans are getting their wagers in. Use the following tips on sports betting online before
placing your bets and stand the best chance of winning your bet based on an informed decision.

Knowledge is Power

The first step to placing an informed bet is knowing the teams. You should already be familiar with
Calgary Flames strategies, weaknesses, strengths and team players. The same goes for Vegas Golden
Knights. You need to understand how both teams play and imagine what it would be like when they
go head to head in the rink. This will tell you which team is bound to win, regardless of who you
support. Knowledge is power and what you need in terms of placing wagers.

Understanding Sports Books Terminology

Before you go ahead and place your wager, understand the terminology used for placing bets. Most
NHL or other sports use the same kind of terminology, making it useful to understand and grasp
exceptionally quickly. For example, the Chalk is the favored team, the Underdog is the team
expected to lose, and Hedging is placing a team on the opposition after already placing a wager on
the Chalk. These are only three of the terms used in online sports betting. There are countless more
but you needn’t concern yourself with becoming familiar with all of them on one go. The internet is
at your disposal and you are able to research any terms you are unfamiliar with. The language of
online sports betting will become a well-known dialect in no time whatsoever.

Betting On Odds

Betting on the Underdog doesn’t mean you are betraying Vegas Golden Knights if you are a fan, it
means you are betting on the odds and the odds aren’t in your teams favor. Most punters bet on
odds as they are easily generated by both professional punters and bettors. The odds are discussed,
debunked and usually comes from top sources.

Online Sports Betting Forums

Check odds on ice hockey betting online for either the Vegas Golden Knights or the Calgary Flames
through online sports betting forums to get more information regarding what the odds are. Online
sports betting forums are communities uniting bettors and connecting them to share tips and tricks
of the trade, bettering your knowledge and making a more informed wager.

Whether it’s NBA, NFL or NHL, sports betting is incredibly adrenalizing as well as rewarding. If you
understand the terms, know your teams and have the right betting forum platform, you immediately
turn the odds in your favor by equipping yourself with knowledge, the most powerful tool used in
predicting logical outcomes of our most beloved sports teams.