It is a commonly known fact that mixed martial arts are a dangerous sport. Even though it seems
to be adventurous and gives both the viewers as well as the players a huge adrenaline rush, in
case of severe damage, many players have to face disabilities for life, and sometimes this violent
sport also causes casualties. In some cases, people also feel free to bet on players of their choice
or even predict injuries via

A similar case was reported on Friday when the highly acclaimed Brazilian mixed martial arts
player and amateur boxer was playing against Pearl Gonzalez in the Invicta FC 34. Both the
fighters were in a very aggressive mood, and the match was getting more and more intense every

Three rounds continued this way, and a clear result could not be predicted. Both the players had
made their way into the ring, and no one was willing to give up. The match had just entered the
fourth round when it had to be stopped.

This abrupt stop in the middle of the match was due to the injury that Venessa Porto had to face.
During the fight, Pearl Gonzalez accidentally poked Venessa Porto in the left eye. It took the
referee sometime to realize what had happened whereas during the meantime Venessa Porto
suffered immense pain and discomfort. Seeing her condition, the referee had to intervene and
stop the fight.

After witnessing this accident, the decision sided with Venessa Porto, and the match was called
off after declaring her the champion. Thus on Friday, Venessa Porto left the arena with not only
the title of the champion but also with an injury to her eye. It is needless to say that all the fans
seemed to be very concerned about the incident and flooded the internet with posts expressing
their concerns about Venessa’s health and sending her lots of love and prayers.

The champion soon shared a picture of her injured eye on the social media platform Instagram.
From the look of it, she has suffered a gash and a cut towards the outer edge of the eyelid. The
real extent of her injury is still unknown; therefore it is hard to say when she will be able to make
her way back into the fighting ring. Everyone is hoping she gets well soon and praying that she
does not suffer any permanent damage from the injury.