This past week Thingamajig was revealed to be Victor Oladipo on the Masked Singer.  

It was one of the more dramatic exits.

He was both a fan and judge favorite, but one judge, in particular, was a little more emotional about his departure.

Nicole Scherzinger. 

Oladipo has told People TV that he wouldn’t be opposed to going on a date with Scherzinger.

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When asked about it, he responded, “anywhere, any time, any place.”

He then began to seriously consider the question and go more in depth on the logistics.

“If I actually do, hopefully it’s in the near future if the moment or opportunity presents itself,” Oladipo speculated. “If I did, I would just take her to wherever she wants to go because it would be all about her and me getting to know her, and obviously us getting to know one another.”

 Scherzinger hasn’t made any comments beyond her tweet the night of the show.

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