Draymond Green is not a guy to mess with.

Everyone who loves the NBA should know by now that Draymond Green is one of the more vocal players in the league. He is always dishing out trash talk and he doesn’t mind getting into altercations. One just has to look at how he handled Jordan Poole to understand what we mean. Unfortunately fans like to take advantage of these reputations. As a result of his behavior, Green has become quite hated among fans.   The NBA has tried to stop fan interactions from getting out of hand. When the league returned from the pandemic, fans were simply out of control. Draymond dealt with his fair share of dummies, and as it turns out, those dummies are still in the crowd.

While playing the Charlotte Hornets last week, Green had a fan tell him to shut up. Green immediately stared the fan down and told him to do the same. This led to a brief interaction that was eventually broken up by security. Green was comfortable near the bench, but the arena staff needed to do their jobs.

Green and the Warriors ended up losing that game by a score of 120-113. In fact, the Warriors are on a five-game losing streak where they have lost to some horrible teams. The Warriors’ bench is under immense scrutiny right now, and it seems like they aren’t ready to repeat as champions.

It’s also important to note how this is a big year for Green who will become a free agent. There are rumors that the Warriors will not keep him, which sets the Klutch Sports client up for a run with the Lakers. Needless to say, we have our popcorn ready.

I think it adds fuel to the game when fans heckle. As long as racist stuff isn’t said and nothing about ppls kids are being talked about it’s fair game.

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