We received a tip on Thursday that claims Ben Simmons is a serial cheater and he cheats on his all of his girlfriends, including his current girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

Since that post we’ve received confirmation from other sources that the DMs between Simmons and the alleged side chick exist (we’re still working on getting our hands on those).

What we did get our hands on is a video from a few weeks ago that shows the Sixers star standing with a group of women.  

In the video Simmons is seen trying to hide his identity while he appears to be exchanging info with one of the young ladies.

Simmons is playing with fire here.  You don’t want the Kardashian curse to hit you or your team.  It’s too strong.

Simmons needs to settle down a little bit before he costs the Sixers a shot at the Eastern Conference title.

Check out his current girlfriend below: 

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