Want to see a horse racing event fight?  

Well of course you do, that’s what the internet is good for.  At this Spring Racing Carnival in Australia last month six women dressed in Horse Racing attire engaged in a crazy-violent brawl. Of course the entire thing was filmed. The whole thing starts off when a woman in a green skirt tried to hit a woman in a red dress with a flying knee. Green skirt knocked red dress down an fell on top of here.

Then things got nuts. 

A guy holding an umbrella tried to break things up,  but two more women in red dresses got involved. Things only devolved from there. It’s a crazy 33 seconds of video.

Watch the fight below:

You never really know when or more specifically where a fight will break out. It doesn’t matter what the live sporting event, although I can see this happening at an equestrian event.  But with the booze flowing and adrenaline in the air from all the gambling, the horse racing event fight seemed like the perfect place for a royal rumble. 

This fight had everything someone who loves fights looks for.  Some really good punches landed, a woman dragging another by the hair, men attempting to be the voice of reason and Australian accents. What more could you want?

The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is the perfect venue. 

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