When asked if the most controversial ex nfl star would be considered. Vince McMahon had an interesting response

“The quality of human being is very important and just as important as the quality of the player. What I mean by that is you want someone who does not have any criminality associated with them whatsoever. And even if you have a DUI, you will not play in the XFL. That will probably eliminated some of them. Not all of them. If Tim Tebow wants to play, he could very well play.”

He went on to talk more about the politics of the league 

“Anyone who plays the game of football well and meets our criteria in terms of quality of human being, why not? As long as everyone abides by the rules as laid down.” 

Then the WWE head man talked about what the deal will be for the National Anthem.

 “I think, again, it’s a time-honored tradition to stand and appreciate the national anthem with any sport here in America. In any country they do that. I think it would be appropriate to do that.”