The UCLA gymnast, whose floor routine went very viral in January, posed nude for ESPN’s Body Issue and revealed that she has a rare skin condition called granuloma annulare.

 In the photos, the bumps appear across her body.

Here’s what she had to say about it. 

“Some look like bruises; some are complete circles,” she told ESPN. “It actually doesn’t affect me, but people are like, ‘What’s wrong with your stomach?’ I used to feel ashamed. I didn’t like posting pictures in my swimsuit or showing my stomach. But now I feel like it’s important to show it because so many people try to hide it.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition is brought on by a multitude of causes, such as animal or insect bites, infections, vaccinations, tattoos, sun exposure, skin injuries, and drugs. It’s not contagious, and most cases occur in healthy people, per the NIH.

Great way to raise awareness about the condition. . .

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