Apparently a  video clip appearing to show “Jeopardy!” champion James Holzhauer’s historic run come to an end made the rounds Sunday on social media.

It quickly went viral, and everyone is on pins and needles. 

Via NY Post

The minute-long snippet — believed to be a leaked clip from an episode expected to air on Monday — picks up as the contestants reveal their responses in the Final Jeopardy segment, and ends with the 34-year-old professional gambler in an unfamiliar position: second place, trailing leader Emma Boettcher by $3,200.

Though Holzhauer offered the correct response — “Who is [16th-century English playwright] Kit Marlowe?” — the Las Vegas resident bet an uncharacteristically low sum.

“His wager, a modest one for the first time,” said an audibly surprised Alex Trebek, as it was revealed that Holzhauer had bet a conservative $1,399, bumping his score from $23,400 to $24,799.

Boettcher, who led with $26,600, sealed the deal and her place in game-show lore by also acing Final Jeopardy, wagering $20,201 to net a total of $46,801 — along with gasps from Trebek and the audience.

“Oh gosh! What a payday,” exclaimed Trebek, as Holzhauer strolled across the podium to give the giant-killer a sporting high-five. “What a game! Oh my gosh!”

You can watch the clip below:


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Spoiler alert: According to the internet, Jeopardy great #jamesholzhauer takes an L tonight on @jeopardy 🧐

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If this is true, then not only did James fall short of Ken Jennings consecutive win streak, he also fell short of his total winnings. 

We’ll have to see what happens. 

Anything is possible.  

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