If you’re looking for a way to be more efficient, then audio to text converters are a great option. There are a number of programs that can be used to do this. What makes voice to text attractive is that it often allows for faster results, providing an expedited workflow. Additionally, many people find that they aren’t great at typing or simply don’t have the time to type. Regardless of your reason, these are a few of the best programs available and what they offer.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing

Many people find that they use Google Docs everyday. If you need a free but also a powerful dictation too, consider this option. It lets you type with your voice on Google Docs and you can also use over 100 voice commands to edit and format the document. For example, use bullet points, bold text, or move the cursor throughout the document.

You’ll have to have a microphone and Google docs account. The good news is that this is an easy and free way to get started. The downside is that it only works on Google docs and may not be practical for more professional settings.

2. Dragon Home

This program is designed for PCs and can be downloaded to your computer easily. With the program, you can dictate emails, write down reminders, and dictate other information. On your computer, the software will integrate your voice, allowing it to provide smarter voice to text over time. The overall accuracy of this program is 99%. You can also create custom voice commands which can be used to control actions.

The software will add these voice commands to editing features. Dragon works with both Mac and Windows. The benefit of this program is its accuracy. It may not be practical to purchase a license for all devices though and has somewhat limited capabilities.

3. Temi

This program has some unique features which make it an attractive option. Anyone interested in this program can enjoy a free trial before purchasing. It works with speech recognition software and will accept audio and even video files. The automated software will convert your speech to a text in just five minutes. You can create and edit files and share them. The transcripts are also available with timestamps and identification of speakers. The transcripts can be exported to MS Word, PDFs, or other formats. You can even get them delivered to mail.

This program is available online and also comes with an app for iOS and Android. The drawback of Temi is that it does not convert in real-time so you’ll have a short delay with voice to text.

4. Braina Pro

This program is great for anyone who is working with more than a single language. With the ability to dictate speech in over 100 languages, it comes with a mobile app for use on-the-go. This app also allows users to perform tasks like setting up reminders, reading eBooks aloud, and other. It works more like a personal assistant than just a voice to text app.

The only downside to this program is that it is only available on Windows and may offer more features than the average person wants.

5. Audext

This app works as a voice to text converter. It can be used to transcribe audio files to text automatically. After the transcription has been completed, users can edit the text on the site. For audio involving more than one user, Audext can identify multiple speakers and structure the transcription formation according to who is speaking. The transcription is completed automatically and comes with a built-in editor. Users can take advantage of commands to edit the text such as highlight, find/replace, and many other features.

Audext is also great as it meets a variety of transcription purposes. Students may find this handy for taking notes in class. Professionals in all areas can use this software for transcribing interviews, podcasts, press conferences and more. It’s great for voice memos and can even be used by medical professionals such as psychologists who want to take notes in real time.

These are a few of the transcription programs available today and what each one offers. The features vary slightly but offer a range of options to meet your transcription needs.