Tennessee has been accused of a lot of things. Cheap has not often been on that list.

But Kentucky coach John Calipari added it after the Wildcats’ 77-64 win over the Vols on Saturday in Knoxville.

While discussing his team’s 3-point shooting during the post-game news conference, Calipari checked a box score for Kentucky’s final stats from 3. It read 3-for-7, which was Kentucky’s halftime total from beyond the arc.

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“Is this a halftime score?” Calipari asked. “Somebody gave me a halftime (box score). That’s pretty good. Anyone want to know what happened at halftime?”

Several people in the media room let him know that the box score was double-sided, with the full-game box score on the back of the piece of paper.

“Oh, It’s on the back? Oh,” Calipari said, tongue-in-cheek. “So they’re really cheap here at Tennessee?”

A tennessee Vols reporter went online and respnded.

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