How about driving around in a GOAT’s car? Walter Payton’s vintage Porsche is for sale. It’s from 1979 and is a 930 turbo, for whatever that’s worth.  

There is almost no denying that the late Walter “Sweetness” Payton is among the top three running backs in all of the NFL’s nearly 100-year history. Whether judging only on stats, records and awards won, or instead taking a more holistic approach and additionally considering a player’s innovation on the field as well as his conduct on and off of it, Payton’s position near or at the top of the best-of-all-time list nevertheless remains a constant. 

Payton was also an avid auto enthusiast and racing hobbyist who maintained a modestly sized collection of investment-grade cars throughout his most successful years in the league, and now, his son, Jarrett, will offer the first one his father ever purchased and his declared favorite, a 1979 Porsche 930 Turbo at Mecum’s Chicago auction this October 25-27.  

Having this car you would definitely be the talk of the town. 

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