Former NFL superstar Warren Moon’;s ex-assistant Wendy Haskell claims she was fired after pushing back against being sexually harassed by Moon. Warren Moon explained says she was fired for just cause. Another tale of he said, she said. 

Via the Jasmine Brand

Warren Moon is denying allegations that he sexually harass his former assistant, Wendy Haskell. The former NFL star is demanding that Haskell be ordered to pay his legal bills.

Here’s the latest: Last month, Moon went to court and denied each allegation of wrongdoing in the complaint. He says that the reason that Haskell was demoted, was due to legitimate, non-discriminatory and non-retaliatory business reasons.

In his response to the lawsuit, he claims that Haskell did not exhaust all remedies available to her at Sports 1. Moon accuses Haskell of engaging in conduct and actions that caused any of her alleged injuries. He also says she waived her right to sue him based on her own behavior.

Haskell was responsible for traveling with him weekly for speaking appearances, charity events and other personal appearances. In her suit, she claims that while employed by Moon, he would require her to stay in his hotel room and sleep in his bed during business trips. She also said that he required her to wear “skimpy thong lingerie bottoms” during their overnight trips.

Warren Moon was one of the great gun slingers of all time. Never a good idea to hire an attractive assistant, you’re just asking for trouble. Check out more pics of Moon’s ex assistant below.