Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is set to appear in his first ever Super Bowl ad as he teams with Planters’ Mr Peanut.

The TV spot will show ‘just how far Mr. Peanut is willing to go to give fans a reliably crunchy and satisfying salty snack that delivers on their cravings in their greatest moment of need,’ the release boasts. 

Though Mr. Peanut himself wasn’t on hand to film the ad — “That would’ve been the biggest highlight for sure,” said Rodriguez, who worked with a stand-in who was later covered up with a little camera magic — the process was “efficient and relaxed,” A-Rod said. “I had a great time. I wasn’t nervous at all filming.” He is, however, a bit nervous to watch at home with friends and family on Feb. 3.

“Knowing you’ll have 100-plus million people watching will be pretty intense,” he shared. “And I think you can guarantee my daughters will be teasing Daddy,” he added of Ella, 10, and Natasha, 14. “This one has a lot to tease me about.”

Perhaps more judgmental is the Twitterverse, though Rodriguez isn’t too worried about any harsh words from critics

“I make fun of myself so much and I like being made fun of,” he said.

A-Rod has gone full circle. 

He can thank J-Lo for that. 

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