Many people find streaming content, especially UFC, very difficult. However, the reality is the opposite. Anybody can easily watch UFC on Firestick for free. The Ultimate Fighting Competition or UFC brings exciting events for sports fans like the fight night and UFC numbered events to name just a few. But we all know that watching UFC events can be a little expensive which is why we have brought the easiest way to watch UFC for free on firestick. 

You must have a VPN

The very first thing that you must have is a VPN. Since UFC doesn’t stream any event for free, it is important to protect yourself. Always use a good VPN before you jump into streaming UFC for free. A VPN essentially hides all your activities via encryption. Once the VPN is on, the ISP can’t see anything that you are accessing. 

There are a couple of methods on how you can watch UFC for free some of them are discussed below:

Third-party apps

There are many Third party Ways to Easily Watch UFC on Firestick for Free. There are many Third party free apps to watch UFC on Amazon Fire TV Stick. With the help of such apps, you can have access to the networks that stream UFC events. There are hundreds of Third party apps but not all of them are good. Below is a list of apps that you can download and install to watch UFC:

  • Livenet tv

Livenet tv is one of the most common platforms for streaming. The app gives access to more than 800 live TV channels across the globe. The app has very smartly organised these apps into several categories including sports. Under the sports category, you can easily find a number of channels that stream UFC events such as DAZN and BT sports.

  • Mobdro

This is one of the oldest apps for watching free live tv. The app provides a number of channels. With the help of this app, you can easily watch channels from South America, Europe, the USA and Africa as well. This app is also organised for better navigation. The app also provides an option to record the stream so that you can enjoy the event later on. 

  • Swiftstreamz

It is one of the best apps to watch UFC for free on firestick. Switstreamz provides access to more than 700 live tv channels from across the globe. The app is very easy to navigate. In the sports category, you will find several channels that broadcast UFC events. You can even report any problem that you are facing while using the app. Besides the app also provides a customisation option wherein you can remove the channels from a particular country.

  • HD streamz

HD streamz is one of the best apps on this list that has the best interface. The app has more than 1000 live tv channels. You will easily find several UFC broadcasters. Besides that you can even customise the app using various features that the app provides such as dark theme, disable ads and floating style streaming option.


Although not free, ESPN is one of the safest ways to watch UFC on firestick. ESPN is an OTT streaming service that has a very pocket-friendly subscription. You can have access to several sports events with a single ESPN subscription. Recently ESPN also became the exclusive platform for the Ultimate Fighting Competition (UFC). This means that the users will have to pay separately for every fight. But the exclusive content that ESPN provides is not accessible anywhere else so it’s truly worth spending a little extra. 

The ESPN subscription is as low as $4.99 per month or $49.99 every year. Apart from a sports event, you can also watch highlighters and documentaries in the ESPN application. 


UFC is one of the most loved sports events across the globe. However, it is not easy to be a UFC fan due to the hefty subscription charges that the popular streaming apps offer. However, you don’t have to worry anymore. With the help of the methods suggested in this article, you can watch your favourite sports event without creating a hole in your pocket.