Back in August of last year, we received a tip that Cavaliers guard Jordan Clarkson had a baby back anytime from May to July, with his ex-girlfriend Ashlee Roberson.  We still don’t know if the secretive Clarkson is back in a relationship with Roberson, but what we do know is the couple’s daughter is growing up.

A tipster sent us a couple of pictures of their daughter.  One with Ashlee and one with Jordan.  In the picture with Jordan, the daughter is actually being held by fellow NBA player Tyler Ennis.  

It seems like it’s all part of the attempt to hide the fact that Jordan’s the father.

As close as the Clarkson is to the Roberson family it was bound to happen.  People find love in the people that are around them.  

To put it in simpler terms, shooter’s shoot.

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