Earlier in the month we received a tip about Aaron Judge paying to get a 20-year-old blonde into a New York City club.  All the tipster knew was her first name, Chelsea.

Friend of mine is a bouncer at a NYC club and had Aaron Judge pay $200 to get a blonde 20 year old in with him last night, two of them were in the VIP booth until 4 am and left together

Unfortunately, he was on the clock and couldn’t get any pics. Her name was Chelsea but that’s all the info he got.

Since then we’ve received multiple tips about the identity of the Judge’s mystery woman.  All of them have provided the same name.  Even the original tipster even hit us back up and mentioning this name.  

The latest tipster received a DM that says Judge has been seeing a girl name Chelsa Scarcella, who just happens to be 20.

Someone sent me a dm yesterday telling me he has been on and off seeing a girl named Chelsa Scarcella and her Instagram name is @idkchelsa. She apparently has been going to games for a while and was at all of the playoff games. She is supposedly who was at that club with him last week. 

Although her Instagram page is private, we received screenshots of Chelsa at Game 4 of the ALCS on Tuesday night.  It looks like she was one of Judge’s ladies who got herself some tickets to the games.