Weber State’s backup quarterback Kaden Jenks inspired a come-from-behind win over Montana State on Saturday.  He did so when he broke his ankle after relieving starter Jake Constantine.

Despite the fact that the injury was so severe that his foot was pointing in the wrong direction, he wanted to stay in the game.  He asked the doctors to tape it up so he can stay in the game.

That inspired his team to erase a 10 point deficit and win the game 34-24.

Via 406 MT Sports:

Quarterback Kaden Jenks, who came in off the bench in the first quarter in relief of struggling starter Jake Constantine, suffered a ghastly broken ankle when he was tackled by Tyrone Fa’anono and others at the end of a 6-yard run.

The result of the injury — his foot was turned backwards 180 degrees — was visible from the press box above the field, where it elicited gasps and groans.

“Kaden Jenks is such a tough guy and such a loved guy on our football team,” Hill said in comments provided by the Standard-Examiner newspaper. “When they (set) that ankle back into place, he said ‘Tape it up and let me go back in there.’ I’m like, ‘Just calm down a little bit.’

You have to love this kid.  He’s an absolute football guy.  This kid needs an NFL contract the second he leaves school, especially in a time when Derek Carr is crying on the field after being sacked.