The Washington Nationals are playing their last home game of the season on Wednesday.  According to reports, it is likely the last home game for Bryce Harper in a Nationals uniform.

The 25-year-old is set to hit free agency this off-season and command a $400 million plus contract.  A contract that the Nationals aren’t likely to meet.

Via CBS Sports:

“In all likelihood, the Nationals are ready to turn the page with the outfield already set without him [Harper] next year with Adam Eaton in right field, Victor Robles in center, and Juan Soto in left,” Bowden said Tuesday night on CBS Sports HQ.

It’s been a six-year run with tons of hair gel, injuries, helmets that fall off or are thrown off when running and disappointment.  But hey, at least he put up some nice numbers so he could cash in elsewhere.