Boston Sports radio station WEEI was celebrating their troll job of the Boston Herald by reading the text exchange between the fake Don Yee and Rob Borges on the air.  

During the segment Christian Fauria played the part of Don Yee and did so with an insulting Asian accent.  Listen to the segment HERE.

WEEI suspended Fauria for five days for his “insensitive and ill-conceived attempt at humor”:

Statement from WEEI management: Earlier today during his show, Christian Fauria impersonated athlete agent, Don Yee in an insensitive and ill-conceived attempt at humor. We regret Christian’s commentary and we apologize to Mr. Yee and those offended by the segment. We do not support or condone Christian’s comments, and we have suspended him for five days effective immediately.

Fauria followed up the suspension announcement and apology from WEEI with an apology of his own.

It’s unlikely any of the fans in the Boston area understand why Fauria was suspended, given their own racist track record.