Over the past years, online betting has become the norm and with top-notch online betting platforms like CMD368, more people across the world can now bet on a variety of online sports and casino games quickly and safely. 

For the uninitiated, gambling or betting looks easy – just place a bet and if you get lucky, call it a day. Little do they know that betting, no matter how big or small, requires some strategy. Let’s take a look at these betting strategies and see if they are worth taking up.

What is a betting strategy?

A betting strategy is a structured approach to gambling in order to produce a profit. Simply put, a betting strategy is a process or are methods in which a gambler takes on in an attempt to win. There are many betting strategies as there are many games out there that you can bet on. For beginners, it never hurts to know a little bit more about these strategies. 

Here are some examples of betting strategies that players use. These are strategies are applicable for new and seasoned players:

  • Practicing with free games – practice makes for a whole lot of improvement, especially if you are a new player. This is an effective strategy because it familiarizes one with the ins and outs of a game and helps improve your skills through time until you’re confident enough to bet in real-time.
  • The Kelly Formula – a popular strategy among experienced gamblers and they usually apply the Kelly Formula to help them choose the size of a bet depending on the percentage and odds. Placing a bet or not will be heavily dependent on your personal assessment.
  • Dutching – this works like the term “go Dutch” but insteading of paying the same amount, you win the same amount. Dutching is used when you can bet on more than one selection during the same event  and no matter what selection wins, you still make a profit. In theory, you can bet on a number of selections but it is ideal to keep it down to two to three. Because of the different odds involved, the stakes required can be hard to determine.
  • Determine what kind of player you are- this is another great strategy especially for beginners. In online casinos, there are typically two types of players – the specialists who would play just one game at all times; and the generalists who play all types of games. While generalists have an increased probability of winning, understanding all the games can be quite time-consuming versus that of a specialist who can really dedicate the time to thoroughly understand and master that one game.

In conclusion, betting strategies exist to help make your gambling fun, exciting, and at the same time give you an edge or two to increase your chances of winning. But always bear in mind that these strategies (whichever you may choose to apply)  work best when combined with the right knowledge and in-depth research -doing so will help you become a really skilled casino player. And of course, do not forget to exercise prudence – have fun but always gamble responsibly.