Visiting a new gambling venue, registering, and signing in are the most exciting moments for any punter. Providers are definitely aware of this and instantly strike the newcomers with promotions, promising unimaginable riches and rewards on the very moment of the to online casino (the detailed guide is available on our web resource). In the community of bettors, such phenomenon is commonly called the Welcome Bonus.

This is an extremely important stage of the introduction for a fresh user, being the initial interaction that will remain in the player’s mind forever. However, today, there are literally thousands of websites, and every single one of them is aimed to do a simple thing — hold the visitor’s attention for as long as possible and engage him or her in the real-money staking. Therefore, it is crucial for betting enthusiasts from Canada to understand which offer is a fair, beneficial, and comprehensive one.

While it seems to be an easy business to do, choosing the right place to spend your money properly and in the most profitable way is a more complex process. It needs knowledge and experience gained through years of gaming, which we are about to share with you.

How to Spot the Best Offer among Different Casinos


First of all, to pick the best casino, you should understand that the Welcome Package takes a variety of forms, and its content may differ from one place to another. Providing the newbie many juicy features, it also asks for something in return — to meet a set of rules, which attach to these gifts. Altogether, this series of regulations is called the wagering requirement — the number of times all the bonuses have to be played through (wagered) before they become eligible for withdrawal.

Its value may vary from as low as 1x to 70x and even higher numbers of times the punter will have to bet the received money. As an example, if you have obtained $10 and the wagering requirement equals 50x, you need to stake at least $500. Sometimes, the vendor includes the replenishment sum in this calculation; thus, by getting an extra $10 for a $10 deposit, you’ll have to wager $1,000.

To compare various websites wisely, you should ask the operator some additional questions:

  • What does the Welcome Bonus contain?
  • How fast is the sign-up promotion delivered?
  • What is the expiration date?
  • Is it accessible via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)?

Checking these aspects, which generally take less than 5 minutes, you’ll have a clear picture of the online betting house you’ve stopped by.

Kinds of Welcome Promotions


As it was mentioned before, the perks a new player receives after the sign-up may be of different types. Depending on the level of the casino, they may include:

  • free spins
  • first deposit match bonus
  • no deposit bonus
  • instant participation in the loyalty program
  • others

Free spins, as you might have guessed, allow you to spin the reel in thrilling video slots in an absolutely risk-free way. Their number is limited by the platform only and usually varies from 20 to 200 chips, but even more generous offers may be found (also on third-party web resources via promo codes). Depending on the chosen website, they may apply to the whole game library or to a restricted number of titles. While some of them are delivered in addition to the first deposit bonus, others are parts of the no deposit bonus.

Often, newcomers also get an invitation to the VIP program heading straight to the first level of a ladder with multiple stages.

Deposit Match Bonus: What Is It and How Does It Work?


One of the most exciting features, the deposit match bonus, is waiting for every fresh member in thousands of online casinos. This is a very common type of promotion that boosts the amount of the replenished cash by multiplying it in accordance with the percent mentioned in the Welcome Package.

Usually, it is equal to 100%, but some operators can surprise you with 125%, 150%, and even 200% of the first deposit offer. However, you should pay attention to details as all these boosts have limits to the maximum amount a person can obtain. In general, these signs say “up to $300” (or any other sum), meaning that all the funded money that exceeds won’t be added to the account.

Banners mentioning huge matching promotions up to $1,000 are always provided in several turns. It means that the player is going to receive the total amount in 4 (or more) replenishments. Every time the customer is performing funding, the multiplier might change. While the first time, it might have been equal to 100%, the very next round it is likely to drop down to 75%, 50%, or even 25%.

Perks of Loyalty Programs

Clubs, Loyalty, and VIP programs are basically the same thing — a premium membership rewarding system aimed to encourage players to stay with the service. In return, they offer an improvement of the customer’s experience providing perks and benefits of the most sophisticated form. They include:

  • lower wagering requirements
  • reload bonuses
  • access to special closed tournaments with huge prizes
  • exclusive gifts on occasions like holidays and birthdays
  • custom promotions
  • personal help desk staff with a faster response time

Usually, members of the club also enjoy individual banking conditions allowing them to withdraw bigger amounts of winnings at once with shorter pending time.

However, not all the features are available from the start. Thus, you’ll have to gain points, progress, and achieve new levels to get a new perk. Beginning with the first stage, you’ll keep collecting points for almost any activity on the platform. Depositing, gambling, playing certain games, and using promotions are all likely to contribute to your progression.

Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Bonus

Regardless of the online casino you’ve chosen for gambling, it is highly recommended to visit the terms and conditions section, which provides a detailed description of wagering requirements and the bonus policy in general. This information also mentions the contribution rate of different games such as slots, table (baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker), and other categories to the wagering.

There are always preferable entertainments highlighted in the T&C; so, don’t neglect to examine the document thoroughly.

You can also find instructions guiding you step by step on how to credit the Welcome Offer to your account, redeem promo codes, and, finally, cash your winnings out in the most convenient way.


Both new and old venues appreciate newcomers reaching their platforms and do everything possible to make their experience on the webpage incredible. Thus, nobody should neglect their endeavors but rather benefit from them. On the Internet, you can find vendors and greeting offers of every taste and color, along with collections of games to play that will your style.

However, it is vital to fully learn your playground — check the content of the sign-up reward, its wagering requirement, and the contribution of games to its fulfillment.

Keep in mind that you can always find such specifications in the terms and conditions section.