Your first golf game is a very exciting event that you’ll remember for a long time to come, and you don’t want it to go badly, do you? Golf isn’t exactly an easy game and you need to do a lot of preparation before you’re ready to step foot on a golf course. From choosing the club to the cart, and don’t forget about the golf shoes, each item needs considerable thought, and this article will help you get started with the basics.

The Club

Although you’re a beginner, it’s no secret to you that you play golf with a club. Whether you’re invited to play by a friend and they’ll provide a club for you or you plan on buying one, you need to know how to choose a club.

Familiarize Yourself with the Golfing World

Just as Nike is popular among runners, and Adidas kills it when it comes to tennis equipment, there are big names in the golfing world, too. Golf is an international game enjoyed by many people around the world, and the growing demand and market for golfing equipment have made a few brands stand out. Brands like Ping, Callaway, and Taylor, while maybe unheard of by the average person, carry a lot of weight among golf players. While those brands are expensive, and it isn’t likely you’ll want to invest in a golf club made by one of them, you should nevertheless look for quality and reliability. You need to do your research, read reviews by professionals, and look at the trends to see which club is worth buying.

Tailored to You

When you choose a club, remember that there’s no single best grip size, shaft stiffness, clubhead size, etc. It all depends on how you feel about a club, and how accurate you are with it.

If you’re someone tall and well-built, you’ll probably feel comfortable with a heavy and long club you can swing around comfortably. While the same club might be too heavy and too uncomfortable to use in the hands of another person.

Your Apparel

If you’re going to play your first golf game, you might as well go all out and make it an experience to remember. Wearing the appropriate golfing clothes will make you seem professional and ready.

Aside from the aesthetic value of the clothes, they’ll help you play better as well. You’ll be spending a lot of time outside, and the sun will damage your skin if you’re not careful. A golf hat will shield your face for the duration of the game, and you’ll see the field clearly and be able to shoot more accurately.

The shirt and the pants also help your body stay cool and prevent sweating – golfing involves a lot of moving around, and these are paramount for an optimal experience.

Your Shoes

Related to your clothes, your shoes deserve a separate section due to how important they are.

On the field, you need to be able to stand and swing reliably, and most fields are sloppy and uncomfortable to navigate when wearing normal shoes. That’s why, if you want a reliable foothold before taking the shot, golf shoes are a must. Besides, it would be really embarrassing if you slipped and fell during your first game.

Make sure the shoes you buy are spacious enough and comfortable to walk in. Golf games last for a considerable time and you’ll have to walk all over the golf course. Uncomfortable shoes will make your life miserable, and you might need a few days just recovering from the foot ache.

The Pushcart

Carrying clubs, balls, drinking water, and anything else you might need during your game with you isn’t feasible, and you’ll definitely need a pushcart.

The pushcart should be spacious enough to hold all the equipment and light enough for you to be able to move it around comfortably. If the pushcart is heavy and doesn’t move around easily, it’ll tire you out soon and become a liability during the game. You can read golf push cart reviews from trusted websites to make sure you get your hands on a good one.