There are many variations of the casino game Blackjack to play and one of the newest ways of playing is live Blackjack.

A blend of traditional gaming and modern technology, live Blackjack has brought a unique experience to the casino gaming landscape with games like All Bets Blackjack Live.

Due to the modernity of the game, you may be unsure about elements of the game, so carry on reading to find out more about live Blackjack…

A new experience

Live Blackjack brings what you may find in a brick-and-mortar casino directly to players through high-quality video streaming.

Players can join a virtual table and place their bets through this and directly to the live dealer who you can see shuffling and dealing the cards in real-time.

Then, you can make your gaming decisions in real-time too, like choosing whether to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’, for example.

Is this a new experience you want to try?

How does live Blackjack work?

With a new experience comes the mechanics that go behind the operation of live Blackjack to mirror the traditional casino experience.

Camera operators, croupiers, pit bosses, and more are all involved in the creation and smooth running of a live Blackjack game.

Everything is streamed through a live feed to your screens – a Game Control Unit (GCU) encodes the broadcast video and the professionally trained human dealer.

Optical Camera Recognition (OCR) is another important element of live gaming, as it records every detail of the gaming room and ensures that if there are any problems within the gameplay, they can be reviewed and resolved using this footage.

Many things go into the running of a live Blackjack game to make it a smooth gaming experience for players.

Game variations

Within the live Blackjack gaming landscape, there are various game versions and table limits for different kinds of gamers.

From classic live Blackjack to Infinite Blackjack, there is much more to explore…

They each have their unique betting options and rules for different live gaming experiences – the options are endless!

The live dealer

The live dealer who is in charge of the game isn’t only there to deal cards but is also there if you need help or have any queries.

You can speak to the dealer using the live chat feature if you have any concerns at all, ensuring that you can play the best game of live Blackjack possible!

How is live Blackjack kept fair?

Ensuring the fairness of a game is an important part of live Blackjack and reputable online casinos uphold this using a Random Number Generator (RNG).

RNGs are computer programs that create random outcomes within the gameplay, so no game outcome can be predicted or influenced by past and future games.

The live aspect of the game also adds another level of transparency to gameplay, as you can witness everything that is happening within gameplay in real-time.

There are many things to learn about live Blackjack, so will you playing anytime soon to try the live gaming experience for yourself?