Have you ever wondered what does the elliptical workout on your body? Or what parts do elliptical work on in your body? It is better to be curious since it helps you learn a lot. So as you know, elliptical and treadmill machines are almost similar but elliptical is more fun. 

But what does the elliptical machine do? This machine offers you with both lower and higher intensity form of exercises based on levels of speed and resistance. These exercises are essential when it comes to calorie burning and body’s general fitness. By using an elliptical machine, you are prone to enjoy several benefits. This is Because when elliptical work out on certain parts of your body, it adorns it with certain benefits. The researches of Exercise Bike Advisor ensure these benefits for a healthier and better life.

Therefore, to identify what elliptical workout on your body, you will first need to understand the benefits of the elliptical machine. And to do so, we will have to analyze each benefit, see how and what body parts are affected by elliptical exercise to generate that benefit.   

Benefits of Elliptical Machine


  • It provides you with a Full-Body Workout


How elliptical target your body parts is one of its unique and rewarding features. This machine can either work on your lower body or upper body. So this is how it works: Your lower body is primarily at work when you only walk or run in an elliptical machine. Most elliptical machines come with handles, unlike a treadmill. This means you can turn them on and work on your upper parts only.  Availability of handles allows you to be able to incorporate both the upper and lower body workouts. 


So the body parts involved or affected when on one or both upper and lower workout include:

  • Upper body (the biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders), and
  • Lower body (calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes).

Therefore, if you want an effective and challenging workout, you can go for the entire body workout.


  • Enhances your core


There are a lot of benefits associated with a stronger core. These benefits include the fully supported spine, better balance and injury prevention during exercise. To boost your workout and work on your entire core, avoid bobbing up and down while on the machine. The other thing is ensuring an upright and straight posture at all-time while on the machine. Therefore, you should know that when doing this workout, your abdominal muscles will be tensed thus strengthening your core. Thus the body parts involved during this exercise will be:

  • Your abdomen and 
  • Your core.



  • An elliptical machine can help you spot reduce some parts of your body.


To reduce of change appearance of most of the body parts is hard and impossible if not done right. For instance, you are burning fat to reduce weight. This change is possible, but you have to do it right, you need to hit major muscle groups says Laura Arndt a Conditioning Specialist. 

Using the elliptical machine can help you manage some of the body parts, as long as do it right.  Let say you want to reduce inner parts of your thigh. To achieve this, you will need resistance workout, incline and speed on your machine. These factors, combined with consistency, will reward you with significant results.

Overall, elliptical work to deliver optimum results to you when combined with appropriate resistance training exercises.  


  • Boost Your Cardio Capacity and Stamina 


The elliptical machine is one of the best machines when it comes to Aerobic exercise.  As you know, aerobic exercises are those kinds of workout that get your large muscle groups working and blood pumping. You can also call it a cardiovascular activity. 

Examples of aerobic exercises are:

  • Swimming.
  • Heavy cleaning.
  • Cycling.
  • Gardening.
  • Running, etc.

Therefore, the elliptical machine can offer exercises such as running, ‘cycling’ and walking, which are aerobic exercises. Since it involves large muscle groups working and blood pumped. The body parts involved are:

  • Hearth.
  • Lungs and 
  • several groups of muscles.



  • Body Fat Burning


If you want to reduce body fat, then the elliptical machine is a realistic choice to go with. As you know, elliptical helps you to burn calories in your body. And high-calorie burning means that you are losing body fat. Therefore, body fat reduction is what elliptical machine workout on your, which is achieved through calories burning.

But for this to be accomplished, you will need to focus on:

  • Workout interval and
  • Your workout’s intensity

With workout interval, you can choose to go for a 2:1 ratio. Meaning having a 30-sec high-intensity exercise followed by a 15 secs low-intensity recovery workout. You can also go for 60-sec or 90-sec high-intensity workout, whatever you like as long as you can maintain it.


  • It Improves Your Balance and Agility


Just like how weight-bearing workout strengthens your bone, the elliptical machine will improve your balance. All you need to do is to set manageable levels for both resistance and incline. After that, you can let your handle go and keep the workout going. And this type of exercise targets your core muscle which in turn improves your balance.   

Also, according to a study published in Oxford Academic showed that aerobic dancing improves balance. The research focused on people with the age of 65 and above. This is because most people at this stage experience falls that may lead to bone-breaking, among other risks. This study showed positive results in which women who participated could finally stand with one leg.

So, if you are part of the 50+ group, be sure to visit the doctor first before starting, and after that start slow. Perfection takes time, and if it is possible to join a group of classes, then that will be a safer way to exercise.  


Overall, elliptical machine exercises come with numerous health benefits and body fitness. And for this to be successfully attained elliptical machine has to work out on some body parts. Some of the most common body parts that elliptical machine work on include heart, lungs, groups of muscles, and the core. And so you now know what does the elliptical workout on your body and the correlation to its benefits.

Thanks for the time, but remember –to enjoy a better life, you’ve got to eat well and keep fit.