Spring is finally here and the weather is warming, creating the perfect setting for a pleasant ride on your bike. However, it isn’t Summer quite yet, and the weather can still quickly turn around, so don’t let your guard down just yet. You’re going to need some quality cycling clothing to keep you warm and cozy – and a cycling jersey is the staple of all cycling sets.

Choosing a proper cycling jersey will make your rides smooth and enjoyable, but what exactly do you need to look for in a jersey? With this handy guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect jersey to fit your needs.

The perfect type of fit for you

There are different types of jerseys for different types of cyclists. Depending on whether you prefer casual riding or are looking for extreme performance, you might opt for different fits. A casual fit is still constructed with performance in mind, but it often comes with additional features such as pockets and thicker padding without restricting movement.

If you value performance above all, you might go for a racing-type jersey. These feature a much more fitted cut, staying very close to the body with a relatively thin layer of material. Aerodynamic efficiency is the primary goal with these jerseys, so if you’re looking for a men’s cycling jersey suited for performance, these will be perfect for you.

Quality material

Professional cycling jerseys are made out of the highest quality materials and feature innovative solutions that keep you warm and comfortable without restricting your movements or sacrificing aerodynamics. Both men’s and women’s cycling jerseys are mostly made out of synthetic materials, you can also find ones made out of natural fibers.

Some of the state-of-the-art synthetic materials used in cycling jerseys can keep you perfectly dry and warm in a range of weather conditions, offering water resistance and protection from the wind. However, if your skin is sensitive to synthetic materials, you might go for a merino wool blend – it’s a natural fabric that’s soft, breathable, and durable.

Quality of life solutions

Cycling jerseys are tailored to make riding as enjoyable as possible while giving you a performance boost. Modern jerseys feature many innovative technologies that come in extremely handy. Materials used in jerseys are water and wind-resistant, without sacrificing breathability. As you work up a sweat, it easily evaporates through the layers of fabric. At the same time, water from the rain doesn’t get through, leaving you dry and comfy.

When looking for quality cycling sets, search for features such as handy zippers that give you the ability to loosen up in warm weather, or pockets that you can fit your credit card and keys into when going on a ride. If you’re going to be riding in full sun, which will probably be the case more and more often as the Summer comes, you might also go for UVB protection in your jersey. Most jerseys let UV radiation through, so make sure to use sunscreen when you go out.