Baseball is a sport that has built a reputation as an all American sport. But beyond the intensity, adrenaline and the gigantic pop sound in the MLB sport, several things need to be understood. One thing that has defined this sport is the bat. Before picking any bat, several things will determine what kind of a player you will be – mediocre or a legend. Baseball drop is one factor that is often overlooked; most people prefer to pick a bat that is made of composite material, has a large sweet spot and lastly have a good grip but what they don’t understand is that a baseball drop is efficient in determining your power or speed. Here are a must know facts on baseball drop.

What is baseball drop:-

For an avid baseball fan, you must have seen the wording baseball drop when buying a bat and for some of you, you might never know what it meant.  Well, a baseball weight is measured by a negative sign or what is commonly referred to as drop weight. A baseball drop is, therefore, the difference between the weight and the length. This means that if a bat is 30 inches long and has a weight of 20 oz. then it has a drop weight of -10. In rookie terms, if you bought a bat that has a drop weight of 10 and a friend bought a bat that has a drop weight of three, then the friend will have a heavier bat than yours. It is crucial to understand that the higher the drop weight the lighter it is.

If you decide to buy a heavier bat let us say a drop three, then you need to understand that you will need more energy to swing it and it may greatly hinder your ability to make those homeruns. But assuming you maintain your swing speed which is not common then a heavier bat will surely help you hit your balls farther. A lighter bat is efficient in making quick hits since you require less energy to swing the bat. Nonetheless, to work on your batting speed, Terry Bahill has developed a bat chooser, which helps players identify their ideal bats with regard to the drop weight. It is noteworthy though, if you are a high school or a college player, then you need a bat that has a baseball drop of -3; this is per the regulations.

Different between drop -3,-5,-8, -9,- 10,-11,-12 bats:-

With so many baseball bats in the market, how do you identify the right drop weight for you? Well, the secret is identifying what works for you. Nonetheless, here are some pointers to guide you on picking the right drop weight bat.

Drop 3 bat

A drop 3 bat means that it has a weight of 30 ounces and a length of 33 inches. This means that is a heavy bat and it is ideal for players who can maintain their batting speed and fancy massive hits.

Drop 5 bat

A drop five bat is slightly lighter when compared to a drop three bat. In technical terms, a drop 5 bat has a length of 30 inches and a weight of 25 ounces; this translates to a drop 5 bat.

Drop 8 bat

A drop 8 bat has a difference of 8 ounces with regard to its length; and usually a 30-inch bat that has a 22-ounce weight. Typically, a drop 8 bat is lighter when compared to a drop 5 bat.

Drop 9 bat

A drop 9 bat is nine ounces lighter when compared to their length. Technically, a drop nine bat has a length of 32 inches and a weight of 23 ounces, which translates to -9. A drop 9 bat is lighter when compared to a drop 5 or a drop 8.

Drop 11

Similar to a drop 8 in commonality, the drop 11 bat is a bat which is 11 ounces lighter than the length itself. It has a length of 30 inches and an eight of 21 inches which means it is lighter than a drop 5 bat.

Drop 12 bat

A drop 12 bat is the lighter of the above-mentioned bats. As mentioned, the higher the drop number is the lighter it becomes. A drop 12 bat has a 12-ounce difference in length which means it is quite light.


When picking a bat, several things may come to mind but as much as weight, material and barrel diameter may matter, drop weight is crucial in nurturing a good talent. Having the right drop weight can help you or your child make those stunning hits. As long as you can maintain your batting speed, then having a heavier bat will surely make you a superstar.