If you’ve played bets, you probably know that futures bets (which haven’t happened yet) definitely have a much higher rate of return. Sometimes up to X50 the amount you bet in the big tournament. To learn more about future bets, please check out the article below from a FUN88 expert when betting online.

What is a futures bet on FUN88 online bookie?

The future is something that hasn’t happened yet, so futures betting is betting on something that can take days, weeks, or months to see results.

With running bets that often have immediate results, futures bets seem to be the exact opposite. In addition, futures bets do not depend on many factors such as injury, weather, season, etc.

The odds at your bet will remain the same when that season ends (and you get or lose your bonus).

Example: For major sports (soccer, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) you can always find futures bets on which team will win the respective sports championship. 

Futures bets also apply to the whole week, the whole team or a small group of teams (as long as the bookie comes up with something to bet on).

Futures bets also apply to other sports such as virtual football, Esport, casino tournaments, etc. as long as those tournaments or events will be held at some time in the future. 

What do FUN88 futures bets involve?

Usually, it takes a person who is very knowledgeable about the football team, that game, etc. to be able to dare to bet on the future. Or sometimes people new to sports betting will choose to bet on the future (because they themselves are not clear or have no interest in watching the event happen).

Therefore, sometimes people bet on the future just for fun or simply out of interest in entertainment. Also, not only results, futures bets sometimes involve tournaments or titles, for example:

  • Golden Ball Effect
  • Top scorer in the Premier League
  • Best Young Player Award
  • Fair Play Team Award
  • FIFA Best Player
  • Award for UEFA Champions League Winners
  • Champions League Top Scorer Award

You can see that futures betting is very diverse and gives you more options to choose from instead of just betting on each match. Futures bet allows you to bet for the entire season.

The benefits of futures betting on FUN88 live betting

First, futures betting has the disadvantage that it is difficult to predict. In addition, the future of a tournament is always the most difficult to predict (because there are so many factors that affect it).

However, futures betting always has the main advantage of surprisingly large odds (which cannot be achieved by betting only on live tournaments).

Example: Site FUN88 betting online from Fun88az.com has future odds on who will win the title of Top Scorer. Messi has the lowest odds at +600. That means the winning bet on Messi will be paid out at 1:6, or six times your original bet. Meanwhile, Rashford is +1900, which means it will pay out 1:19.

Also, another benefit of futures bets is that it keeps you temporarily locked into just that bet long enough that you won’t spend money on other bets.

What is the strategy of futures betting?

With so many variables in every sport, it’s hard to generalize a list of perfect strategies. However, you should always do your research before placing futures bets.

In a team sport like soccer, pay attention to influences outside of the season:

  • How have the coaches of the teams improved the squad?
  • How are the transfer contracts?
  • How are the injuries?
  • How will the coach change?

And not just a season, other sports also have a pretty good conversion value. According to FUN88 experts, players should choose tournaments with as few teams as possible, such as the Sea Games. Because when you follow a few teams, you can easily analyze and make judgments for your future bets.

And there are many more factors that you need to follow the news as well as based on the expert opinion from the FUN88 bookie to be able to choose the most suitable future bet ticket.

Therefore, betting on futures is always a risky proposition as it takes a long time to get results.


After this article from a Fun88az expert, you probably already know what futures betting is. If you don’t have time to watch the betting regularly, we think that you should bet on the future, it will be most suitable for you.