The casino is considered an indoor amusement park for adults. They have everything to keep you entertained – beautiful cocktails servers, lightened fountains, lavish hotels, and musical shows. Let alone games that make you forget about everything. Casinos have a lot of marketing ploys gamblers have no idea about. Here is what happens at  

Free stuff

Casino owners are aware of people who come to the gambling paradise just to stare. They can’t kick you off for not playing, so they try to do anything for you to stay. For instance, as a newcomer, you will get free drinks and food – it will extend your stay and make you want to play at least one game. 


Video surveillance is an integral part of the casino. If they see that you are trying to cheat or behave impropriate (being drunk or aggressive; crying or swearing), you will be asked to leave. If you decide to resist, the casino police will arrest you. Please, don’t confuse them with real police officers.

Welcoming atmosphere

As was mentioned before, casino workers make everything for you to stay and play a little bit more. However, did you know that they also intend to create the warm lightening that reminds the lights in your living room? Needless to say, every seat there is exceptionally comfortable. 

There are also no windows and wall clocks in the casinos. It helps players to forget about the time and stay even longer. 

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