Whenever anyone discusses the ongoing growth of the online casino market in the United States, there is constant debate about when Florida will join the fun. This is not just because, from a population perspective, the state is vast, the third largest in the US, but also the potential knock-on effects from such a move on the country as a whole.

So where do we stand in terms of the efforts to legalize online casino activity in the Sunshine State? 

It’s Complicated

Way back in 2021, a deal, or a compact, was struck between the Seminole Tribe and Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, but sadly for sports betting enthusiasts, it’s still not legal to bet in the state.

That is because nontribal gambling outlets in Florida objected to that deal, so they sued to stop it from becoming law. Now it appears that the convoluted stand-off is only likely to be rectified at the ballot box, with Daniel Wallach, who is an attorney who specializes in gaming law, stating on the subject;

“The clearest path to sports betting in Florida is, in all likelihood, through the ballot initiative process,” 

 “That seems to be the most realistic path forward for both retail and online sports betting, which means, as a practical matter, the first legal bet in Florida likely won’t be made until 2025,” Wallach added.

The situation is indeed confusing, and our advice to those who want to dig deeper into the matter is to check out this source that knows the ins and out when it comes to gambling in Florida.

Online Casino Options

As for online casino action, that’s also outlawed at present, even though there is a groundswell of opinion looking for the state to legalize this pastime as well. Social casinos, i.e., those where no real money is gambled, are legal, but that does not seem to be satiating the need that many feel.

There are many offline options in this regard, from Indian casinos and riverboat casinos that operate in the state, and these may be a more likely option for some time to come; such is the problematic position Florida finds itself in terms of legalization. 

Some of the biggest states in the US are in a similar situation to Florida, with ongoing moves to legalize online activity being a lengthy and protracted process. California seemed to be moving in the right direction on this, and talks on deals with tribes in the state are at something of a stalemate as they, understandably, fear what online casino and sports betting action might mean for their own assets and businesses.

Texas is another mammoth state that is looking to get online casino and sports betting legalized, not least because they can see just how much tax revenue can be generated from these channels.

New York, which legalized online sports betting in January 2022, has raked in massive sums from day one, and no doubt the likes of Florida, Texas, and California can very much smell the potential payoff when laws are inevitably, eventually, passed.