Wanting to lose weight is an issue for many. Methods are many, interval fasting is one of them. Is coffee allowed in the process? The answer is very simple. Yes it is. Black coffee has no calories anyways. So it is useful to have some coffee next to you when playing Casino Chan.

Intermittent fasting is not only known and popular among people who want to lose weight – if you can say that about a diet at all. Even nutritionists have found that this method of losing weight is gentle and better for your health than many crash diet. Some also swear by weight loss methods such as warm lemon water or espresso on orange juice.

But what exactly does Intermittent Fasting mean and what foods are allowed during the period?

Fasting initially means abstaining from food or nutrients. Certain foods, drinks such as juices and alcohol are then not consumed for a certain time. With the interval chamfering already times several kilos tumble. For it the three most well-known variants are distinguished:

16:8-method: Here two meals stand on the meal plan, which can be taken within eight hours to itself. In the remaining 16 hours nothing is to be eaten, i.e. between the last meal of the previous day and the first meal of the current day 16 hours lie. Some people use the 16:8 method by skipping breakfast, others skip dinner.

5:2 method: On five consecutive days of the week, people may eat as usual, but fast on two days.

1:1-method: With the so-called alternating chamfering or also Alternate Day Fasting Abnehmwillige eat on a day normally, on the following day is chamfered, on the coming again normally consumed, and so on.

Ernährungsmedizinerin Dr. Silja shepherd stresses the positive health aspects, which interval chamfering brings along. By chamfered biochemical changes in the body would be initiated, which affect positively the sugar and fat metabolism. In addition the body emits more messenger materials, which help to minimize inflammation reactions in the body, as it with Visite of the north German broadcasting station is explained.

In principle during the Intervallfastens to a balanced nutrition one should pay attention: much vegetable as ballast materials and protein such as milk products, eggs, fish, meat, leguminous plants, mushrooms or nuts to each meal. For this, less fruit and no snacks between meals!

Lose weight: Why coffee is allowed during interval fasting

Many frahling lovers are reluctant to give up their one or two cups a day. All the better to know: Coffee is allowed during interval fasting! Because caffeine boosts fat burning through ketosis. How and when they drink coffee is also crucial.

And be careful: during the fasting period enjoy the coffee only black, without milk and sugar. “There are nutrients in the milk and that would mean the fast is broken,” explains Dr. Schäfer at Visite. In addition much calorie-free should be drunk during the chamfering phase, best water – already on empty stomach – and beverages without sugar. Thus the body learns to live from its reserves.