This has been all over the news over the past few weeks, and I mean, who could blame the news people for wanting to talk about one of the most interesting things that Jay Z has done in the past few years? Yes, he released a whole album and yes, it was really good, but this is something that is going to be making history. Well, not yet anyway, because what he has been doing is not buying an NFL team, but rather, getting in touch with the NFL and becoming getting a seat at the table, so to say. 

The moves he makes

Jay Z is a notorious businessman, which is what has led to him becoming as successful a businessman as he is. I mean, the man, together with his wife is worth a billion dollars, and that has more to say about their business acumen than anything we can talk about. Together, they have gone through the music business and created an empire, one could say. What is more, they have not limited themselves to just the music business either. Jay Z and Beyonce have expressed interest in all kinds of businesses ranging from the most recent and controversial NFL venture to being noticed in casinos, to clothes and other interesting deals. There were even rumours of involvement with some exclusive Playson Australian slots listed here, but those never got specifically confirmed. So when we start talking about the way Jay Z is dealing with the NFL, we are going to have to think about not just the fact that he is making money just by being paid by the NFL to become a spokesperson. There might be a little more to the game, something that goes unnoticed in all the noise generated by those who do not believe in the man. 

One step at a time

Jay Z is an avid sports fan. He has a track record of being a liaison, an arranger of games and someone who takes part in sports contracts, as well as just a pure fan. So it is not surprising that he took an interest in one of the most popular games in the United States. But, he got a lot of criticism because he was getting himself involved with an organization which is giving Colin Kaepernik a hard time. Many people feel like Jay Z is betraying the culture and what is more, many feel like he has sold out. But, Jay Z has more on his mind than what is currently happening. The man thinks in billions and in years, rather than short term gain. Which is why many have started talking about the alternative reasons Jay Z might have decided to join the NFL, rather than just being a spokesperson. 

A business takes a long time, and it takes a lot of steps and effort to achieve a certain goal within its context. The same goes for social change. It takes many people actively doing their best to promote change with society both from the outside and from within. While the general outcry against the treatment of Kaepernick by the popular uprising is something that is required, something has been missing in the NFL. That something is a power within the NFL that supports Colin, no matter what. In this case, many are assuming that this is what Jay Z is striving to become. It might take a lot of effort and a lot of money, but he is vying for more than just a seat at the table and just being a spokesman. Jay Z is going for the long con, attempting to get within the NFL to allow for social change to come with him. And he is also trying to buy a team within the NFL. 

An expensive endeavour, with a measly reward

Buying a team within the NFL is not something that can be done easily or for a small price. The cheapest team within the NFL at the moment is $1.6 billion. Jay Z and Beyonce only have $1.3 billion, which while we say only, is a lot of money. So, in order to be able to purchase a team, Jay Z will have to do a few things. One is that he needs to grow the capital he has available to him, in order to be able to purchase a team. The second is that he needs to get his foot in the door of the business and get started talking to people. He is working on both at the same time. 

But, what is the reward for him purchasing a team? Usually, owning a team is not as profitable as many assume it to be. While merchandising and deals might be very good for the general business, the profit the owner gets is barely anything. The real reward, in the case of Jay Z, comes in the shape of him becoming the agent of change that the industry needs, in order to become more socially acceptable. It would be the first time an African American owns an NFL team, and it will be the first time that a voice as strong as that will be speaking within the NFL, driving the change within an old institution. Definitely a respectable goal.