We are at crossroads whether you like it or not. A lot of things are fading away due to technological advancement. What wasn’t possible a few years ago is now history. Blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and automation is invading every facet of our life. People are losing their jobs gradually because of this technological shift. How do you plan for the future? What jobs do you think will remain or disappear? 

This article will explore a few job roles we think will naturally fade away because of advancements in technology. It’s better to get ready and redirect yourself to a career or job that won’t be brushed aside. Even in casino games, when playing a gry 777, you must stay ready. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Travelling agents

It’s fascinating that the role of a travel agent is still relevant. Well, in the next 10 years, with the actualisation of artificial intelligence, you won’t find a travel agent. The job role will be taken over by robots, which will offer better options as they will be intensively programmed.

The impact of the pandemic will leave a lasting effect as chatbot platforms are being refined to respond to customers. Sooner or later, travel companies will take away the role of a travel agent.

 Store Cashiers 

In a few years, you will never see a cashier in your favourite McDonald’s or Kroger store. Instead of self-checking out your bought item, you have to swap through a special computer that auto-calculates the items. All you need is to swap your card, and it is paid. 

We’ve already seen things like this with pump stations. No need for the fuel attendant as you can do everyone without anyone watching. The future is self-service, as you can see online shopping stores demonstrating. You don’t have to leave your home – buy and pay online.

Fast Food Cooks

Restaurants aren’t shying away from relying on the human workforce. Currently, there is a transition of a self-service terminal ongoing where you serve yourself after placing orders. For instance, some companies in the United States have taken the lead to prune their workforce gradually. 

They are taking advantage of robot technology to do sandwiches and flip burgers. It’s only a matter of time before other stores join the line. Everything will become automated, and there won’t be a need for attendants.

Administrative jobs

Digitalisation and automation are already putting administrative jobs under threat. Today, there are digital tools and automation processes that are making paralegal and administrative jobs easy. With improvement in technology, there won’t be a need for any human to attend to these job roles. Activities such as contract analysis and document preparation will be unnecessary as everything will be sorted out by automation. Legal firms can embrace technology to make their work easier.

Is there a cause for alarm?

It’s natural to get worried, especially if your job role won’t be available in a few years. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to redeploy into another field that won’t fade quickly. You have the time and opportunity to learn a new skill. There is no cause for alarm because you have the information you need to prepare you for the rainy days ahead.