Garrett Graham was selected in the 2010 NFL draft by the Houston Texans out of the University of Wisconsin. In 2013, Garrett recorded 49 receptions and five touchdowns tying teammate Andre Johnson for the most receiving touchdowns in the 2013 season. 

Off the field Garrett was nominated by his teammates for the 49th annual NFLPA Byron White Award, for outstanding community service. Now it looks like Garrett’s time in the NFL is over, and his wife’s as well. Ericka Graham went on to Instagram to share her story, and also thank everyone for how lucky she is. 

 The NFL has given us a life that I could have never imagined. I know and understand that this amount of privilege comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, still there is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for a life I never earned or deserved. We have a hard time receiving. Don’t we? Yet I continue to receive in hopes that it can be poured out into something more meaningful and true. Because you guys . . . the cars, the nice ring, the pool, the stuff you think you want? It doesn’t fill our cups! It’s the people!!! The people that the NFL brought me. The sisters in this picture that answered frustrated phone calls. The sisters that I called when my husband got hurt, when he went into and came out of surgery, when we picked ourselves up and moved, when we cried because comments and articles were mean. Those are the moments that mattered. It’s also the moments when we had birthdays, and showers, and pregnancies, and miscarriages, and touchdowns, and parties, and champagne nights and volunteer mornings. This was the family I got to do life with…and the fact that the NFL is over for us, yet they keep showing up! Breaking records and helping us raise over $360,000 this year. It all started with this tribe, and they continue to help build what we started long ago. Love you ALL!!!  

Garrett and his wife Ericka are still proud to call Houston their home, and they are passionate about making a difference in the Houston community with their Project 88 Foundation, as they’ll continue to raise money for it. This NFL wife has a great head on her shoulders. Best of luck to the Grahams.