Podcast listeners know that creating an engaging podcast is not a piece of cake. A lot of effort, creative thinking with facts, and a whole lot of research goes into the making of a podcast. When it comes to the podcast of fantasy football, the entire process is upscaled. The question, what makes a good Fantasy Football Podcast, will have several answers to it. But the one aspect that needs some attention is the listeners. If the listeners aren’t interested, a fantasy football podcast, no matter how much they are critically well-received, won’t make a good podcast. The listeners get involved only when the podcast has something to offer something new. So here’s a list of things that matter while making an excellent Fantasy Football Podcast. 

The Host of the Podcast 

The host of the podcast is the one who rows the boat. The one to whom the listeners want to listen. Any random host, with no background in the field of fantasy football, might have a bit of tough luck amongst the listeners. The listeners are often drawn towards the big names. A former player or a person associated with the teams or perhaps an ex-employee of the sports channel can be an excellent choice for a host. Not only the listeners have an interest as to what they are saying, but also the host himself can talk about the game with a better perspective. Anyone who has been in and off the field knows what goes on in the area. Hence, voicing that comes naturally. A frequent visitor from the world of fantasy football can get the listeners hooked. 

Podcast timing & Frequency 

An excellent Fantasy Football Podcast has a schedule that adjusts itself to the listener’s work schedule. Most of these podcasts are streamed in the morning. This allows the listeners to hear the podcast while they are on their way to work or school. The duration of the podcasts can be 10 mins long or more. However, too long podcasts often bore the listeners. Also, too many ads coming up in between the podcast can get the listeners distracted. Also, the Frequency of the podcast has an impact too. A podcast that is streamed every week gets the maximum listeners. A good Fantasy Football Podcast also covers all kinds of games, be it the NFL or any local club football league. 

Analysis & Information 

The analysis of the game is the star of every podcast. The best Fantasy football podcast has a detailed analysis of the teams, the players, and the strategy that is being followed. The detailed report gets the listeners intrigued and helps them understand the game better. The podcast must have information about the game that is often missed by the naked eye. The host must be able to give the feel that the game is on, and they are witnessing it live. Minute aspects of team spirit and the camaraderie among the players can grab ears. 



The last factor that goes into the making of a good Fantasy Football Podcast is the entertainment quotient. A dull and all informative podcast does not interest the listeners. Bits and pieces about the players off the field and the reaction of the audiences help to keep the entertainment quotient high. 

Final Thoughts 

A delicate balance of analysis and entertainment is the key to making a good Fantasy Football Podcast. The host is the one who gets the listeners to listen. The team behind the podcast, too, works hard on getting the facts correct. A combination of all the above factors is what leads to a successful podcast.