The good old days of NFL fans wrapping their hands on paper tickets stubs for the Super Bowl appear to be numbered.

Next month’s Super Bowl LIV might be the last time the game isn’t fully converted to mobile ticket entry.

League and industry sources confirmed a report this week from The Athletic that the NFL is aiming to push this year’s Super Bowl to roughly 10,000 mobile entries, which the report stated would double last season’s figure.

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The increase is aimed at measuring the feasibility and potential pitfalls of converting the Tampa Super Bowl in 2021 almost entirely to entry via mobile phones, which would essentially eliminate the age-old “in-hand” ticket stubs that have come to define part of the Super Bowl experience.

A league source confirmed The Athletic’s reporting that the NFL is weighing the potential of issuing some kind of commemorative ticket in place of the popular “stubs” that often flood the memorabilia market in the ensuing years after memorable games.

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