After spending some time in Santorini and Mykonos, undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is seen touring Athens and visiting the Acropolis.  


The boxing great was clad in a Louis Vuitton logo jacket and combat boots with ripped jeans, a white T shirt, cap and glasses.

Looks like Mayweather is enjoying a vacation with his entourage. Floyd will soon have to get ready to fight Manny for a fight no one really wants to see. 

 Hopefully he’ll keep that outfit out of the ring. 

How to select the ideal man’s coat according to his style

Wearing a winter coat is both comfortable and a great way to complete a man’s look. This accessory fulfills your need to be stylish and to dress trendy for all occasions: at work, in town, or in receptions. However, choosing between mens luxury coats will be a difficult task. Here are some suggestions to help you with this task.

Choose a coat for your body type

Since this is an expensive garment that you will wear for years to come, make sure to select it according to your size. Here are some rules to follow to better adapt the model of your choice to your body.

  • A man of small size: Logically, a long coat will not suit this type of morphology. It’s best to opt for short models to avoid compacting the appearance. Concerning the patterns, prefer those in checks, in stripes, or in smaller designs;
  • A tall man: You can wear a short coat if you want to reduce your length a bit. Otherwise, the long models emphasize your height if you are not complexed by your imposing size.

On which criteria to check the quality of a luxury coat for men?

Although it is very trendy, it is necessary to consider the material of the piece. The traditional wool, leather, and cashmere coats are the most comfortable in winter. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are less expensive, but cause allergies in some customers. In addition to the designer materials, also consider the finishing of the coat of your choice. The cutout, linings, and sleeves must therefore attract your attention.
Last point not to overlook: the color and designs. Know that currently, the coats of basic and modest colors remain the most elegant. They are therefore mostly recommended for men. However, you can also adopt a patterned coat with brighter colors.