It’s a running question among the new bowlers. What to keep in your bowling bag? The question is a really simple one. different people will answer it differently. Let us answer our own. 


Bowling towel:

It as an essential thing to have with you always when you go to bowling. Bowling can be compared to exercise. You sweat while doing exercise, you will sweat like crazy while bowling too. It’s better to keep your hand clean of sweat. You don’t want to drop that heavy ball on your leg by mistake. 

It also helps you remove unwanted debris and dust from the surface of the ball. Otherwise, those could hinder with your gameplay. 


Grip tape:

Grip tape is a must-carry item. Not only it prevents your finger to slip outside from the grip hole, but it also helps the thumb to come out from the ball easily. Making sure you don’t release the ball prematurely. 

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Skin patches:

Even if your fingers are a match made heaven with the bowling ball very often you will face some blisters. Trust me they hurt like crazy. Blisters are really painful to deal with. It will affect your gameplay too. Nobody wants that. That is why you should always carry some skin patches in your bowling bag.


Bowling wrist support:

For the first time bowlers, this is a mandatory thing. This is going to help the veterans bowlers too. The reason is simple. When you carry the ball and release it you tilt your wrist to put the pressure on the ball. But you never want to take it further and tilt the wrist a little too much, it could lead to a broken wrist. It’s not uncommon among the new bowlers. But with the help of bowling wrist support, it can help you limit your wrist tilt. Your wrist stays happy you stay happy we all happy. 


Grip Sac:

We mentioned earlier that having sweaty hands is common. That sweat could drop on the ball and make it slippery. For that, you are going to use the bowling towels to make it clean. But what about your hand? I mean sure you can clean your hands from sweat but will that become dry? To dry your hands completely you need to use the grip sac. Not only it is going to reduce the sweat from your hand and make it try. Ultimately it will result in a better grip. If your grip is better you can control the ball better. Simple logic. 


Slide power:

Do you guys remember sliding your shoes in the school hallway? It was a fun time, wasn’t it? What if I tell you you can recreate that scenario. 

If you have seen bowlers in action you have seen they use the slide on their shoes and use that momentum to throw the ball better. So, obviously, you want to slide better to get better momentum thus getting better results. For that reason, you need to use slide power in your shoes. They help you to slide better. It will bring back that hallway sliding feeling you had in high school. 


Shoe brush:

No, this is not the same brush as you use to polish your boots back in home. 

This shoe brush you use to make the bottom of your shoe shine. If your shoes are getting stuck on the floor of the arena you should remove all the debris and dirt from the shoe sole. You can do that by using your handy shoe brush. That’s why you must carry this item in your bowling bag always.

Before using the shoe slide you should clear the shoe sole with the shoe brush. It will give you better results. 


Scorecard and Pen:

To keep track of your score you should bring a notepad with you. You will find a bowling scorekeeping notebook in your local bowling store. It’s always a good idea to keep one with you. Pen can come in handy for many stuff. It’s always a good idea to always carry a pen.


These are the key stuff that most pro bowlers keep while they go bowling. You can keep more stuff if you want but these are the bare minimum and essentials.