The Breeders’ Cup World Championship is just around the corner, and many horse racing fans are getting ready to place their bets. You arrived at the right page if you’re one of these people! The payouts for the Breeders’ Cup are more significant compared to other horse racing events. Thanks to the larger field sizes of the race, you can get higher payouts for the traditional straight bets and much more significant for the exotic bets as well! 

Additionally, the prize pools range from $1 million and up. The payouts are more significant and enticing to horse racing fans, especially with the types of wagers you can place. Continue reading to learn more about how you can earn big this November 3-4.

Straight Bets

The most common and “straightforward” bets you can place in the Breeders’ Cup World Championship are the following: win, place, and show bets. Do you strongly feel who among the top breeders cup 2023 contenders will win the Breeders’ Cup races? Then, place straight bets if you want to wager on just one runner. 


Do you want to wager on just one horse? If you think your top contender will finish first in their race, you use a win bet. The money you can win with a win wager is higher than place and show bets. In horse race betting, the higher the risk, the higher the awards. 

So, since you’re only wagering on a single horse, the risk is higher, and the chances of winning are slim. But don’t lose hope! If you study up on the top contenders and their past races, you can help increase your chances of winning. 


As mentioned above, the pay for place bets is less than a win bet. You win a place bet if you wagered on a Breeders’ Cup contender that places first or second. Regardless if your horse finishes first or second, the payout stays the same. 


A show bet is just like a place bet. The only difference is the horse can come in third place. For example, you can win your money if your favorite horse wins in the Breeders’ Cup Classic (in any race you choose) if they come in first, second, or third place. 

Exotic Bets

Exotic bets are a level higher than traditional bets, which you can guess from the name. As mentioned above, when a type of bet is harder to win, the winnings are usually higher, and this is the case for exotic bets. Please continue reading to learn why it’s a challenging bet to win, where even experienced bettors in the Breeders’ Cup have difficulty winning.


Exacta, along with Trifecta and Superfecta, are vertical exotic bets. This entails that bettors must pick the correct finishing order of the horses they picked. Let’s first talk about exacta. You can win an exacta bet if you choose two horses that you think will finish in the top two places in a Breeders’ Cup Race. 


In a trifecta bet, you can win your earnings if you pick three horses you think will finish first, second, and third. These three horses must be in the correct order. If you wagered on the wrong place for a horse, you won’t get any winnings. As you can see, it’s a strict and risky bet to win. 


A superfecta bet entails choosing four horses that will finish in first, second, third, and fourth, all in the correct order. You can earn vast winnings with Superfecta since it’s much riskier than the other two vertical exotic bets. 

Daily Double

In a daily double bet, you are wagering on the winner of the next succeeding two races on the same day. It’s a great way to earn more and not just place win bets all the time. You should also know that you can level up and choose winners of different races. There are successive versions that go up to five races. Of course, you can expect that the amount you get is higher. 


Think of quinella bets as a less risky version of exacta bets. It’s just like an exacta bet. However, the only difference is the horses can finish in any order, first or second. 

Final Thoughts

Are you excited to bet on the top contenders like Archangelo, White Abbario, or Arabian Knight this November 3-4 at the Breeders’ Cup World Championship? Different horses around the globe compete in this prestigious horse racing event, and you can place a bet on them with the bets mentioned above! 


The best part about the Breeders’ Cup is that you can place different wagers on different horses. You don’t have to get bored with just one since there are exotic bets too that can challenge you and your learnings about the Breeders’ Cup and its contenders.