Pets are amazing. They can be effective companions. A lot of studies show that having pets can have a major psychological impact on your mental health in a positive manner. 

Cats can be amazing pets. However, you can only enjoy them if you treat them in the right manner. One of the ways is to play sports and games with cats. 

Following are some of the sports that you can play with your cat:

  • Ping pong

Ping pong is a game that cats love. All you need to have is one object in order to play this game. This is the ping pong ball. It is one of the easiest games that can be played. You have to bounce the ball and the cat will bounce along with the ball. It is an exciting game for the cats that they enjoy a lot. 

  • Crumpled paper

You have to being with crumpling a piece of paper. Then you have to roll that across the floor. Most of the cats love this game. The cats will chase the crumpled paper. In fact, cats even like to carry the crumpled paper when they go to sleep. It is an exciting sport for the cat. You can get to know more about this on

  • Toy under the blanket

This is another popular game that you can play with your cat. You should hide a toy under the blanket. Then you can wiggle it around. This way the blanket will move as well. The cat will think that there is  mouse under the cover and try to catch it. 

  • Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a very popular game that you can incredibly enjoy with the pet. You have to hide behind an object such as a bed, desk or a table. The cat will stalk for you and try to find you. Cats are amazing hunters and thus, it will not take them much time to find you. It is an amazing game to enjoy with your pet. 

  • Newspaper dance

All you have to do is place a sheet of newspaper on the floor. Then do not step on it. Put the cat on top of the sheet. You can then entice the cat by wagging an object under the newspaper. 

  • Videos

This is a sport which does not involve any physical exercise or movement. However, it is an activity that one can really enjoy with the pet. You just have to sit on the computer, with the cat and face the screen. You can find an amazing video that you both can watch together. 

The bottom line

Cats can be amazing. It can be fun to play sports with them. There are many sports that can be enjoyed with them. Above are some of the common games to play. However, you can find more games on the Internet that can be enjoyed with your cats.