There have been big changes in US gambling laws in the past year or so. New sportsbooks are now being made legal and in a competitive market, they will need to do all they can to acquire new customers. Following the tactics used by UK bookmakers can help them achieve those aims.

Sports betting has had its problems becoming legal in the US. Betting at the local track was okay but to go online and place bets on major sports just didn’t happen. US residents had to use offshore accounts in order to be able to place their bets on

A landmark US Supreme Court ruling in 2018 led to individual states deciding whether to legalise sports betting. This has led to many states legalising gambling and more sports betting sites being opened.

What can these new sites learn from UK bookmakers?  Well, there is plenty to learn beginning with in-play betting. This is where betting on sport really gets exciting. You can place bets on sports events as they actually happen. One of the most popular things to do by punters is to bet on football live in play. 

Being able to bet live on an American Football or Basketball match is a rollercoaster ride and Americans love those. The odds available will be fluctuating on a continual basis depending on what is happening. With points being regularly scored in basketball, the odds will be changing almost every minute.

Live streaming of the top sports events makes for an even more enjoyable experience. It may not be an easy task getting the NBA or NFL to allow online sites to show games live but other leagues or college football might be possible. Watching sport live, while being able to place bets on the match has proved popular in the UK.

When you go on a sports betting site, having a wide choice of matches to bet on is a must. UK sites don’t just allow their customers to bet on events in their own country. They cover sports events taking place all over the globe. This allows them to be able to have in-play betting at all times of the day. They can also get live streaming of leagues from around the world.

Being able to cash out your bets is an increasingly popular feature on UK sites. You don’t have to wait until the end of the game to end your bet. Say, if your basketball team is ahead by 10 points after the third quarter. If not, sure they will hold on for the win, you can cash out your bet.

Offering more promotions is another tactic that can be copied from the UK. US sites have attractive welcome offers, but the offering of more promotions is important. Whether it be the offering of free bets, enhanced prices or acca insurance, these help attract customers to their site.

There is a massive US market to tap into and if learning from the methods used by online UK bookmakers, there is plenty of business that can be attracted.