2022 will mark the 154th running of what is dubbed the “Test of the Champion” on the 11th of June, Saturday. Belmont Stakes is the final leg of the Triple Crown, and although it is the last, it is also the longest of them all. This is where the test of a Thoroughbred’s endurance and courage shows over one and a half miles of a dirt track.

The Belmont Stakes has traditionally been considered the most challenging and grueling of all the Triple Crown races to obtain a win due to its marathon distance, ​​resulting in the series being won by only 13 horses in history.

Moreover, because this race generates excitement due to its long marathon, betting on the Belmont Stakes makes the entire event that much more enjoyable and entertaining. Thus, if you’re interested in placing your bets on the final leg of the Triple Crown series, you’ve come to the right place, as this article will guide what you need to know about betting at the Belmont Stakes.

What Are Belmont Stakes?

Following the conclusion of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes takes on as the final leg of the Triple Crown races, which is held either on the first or second Saturday in June.

Belmont’s Stakes also has the longest race track, with a distance of one and a half miles. With this, it was nicknamed by racegoers the “Test of the Champion.” Moreover, while the first two legs of the Triple Crown are sprints, the Belmont is an actual marathon, which adds an element of thrill and intrigue to betting on the Belmont Stakes. 

As mentioned, only 13 horses have been able to claim the victory for the final leg of the Triple Crown series after winning the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Secretariat, the 1973 Triple Crown winner, still holds the track record at 2:24.

Aside from setting a record holder for a 1.5-mile dirt track event in 1973, he also dominated by 31 lengths, which was the highest margin of victory in any Grade 1 Stakes race held in the United States.

How To Bet At Belmont Stakes?

Placing your bets on the Belmont Stakes is easy, and depending on your place of residence, you typically have plenty of options available. In most areas of the United States, you can place your wager on Belmont Stakes odds at the local racecourses, off-track betting locations, or online through several domestic pari-mutuel betting services. However, if you live in New York, you can visit Belmont Park and put your wagers on the track.

Because these bets are all pari-mutuel – or pool-based – in nature, you won’t know how much you stand to come out on top on any given bet until after all bets have been received and the ticket windows have been closed before the beginning of the race. But, if you’re planning to place your bets in this year’s race, this article will serve as your 2022 belmont betting guide.

Belmont Stakes Betting Tips

Betting on the Belmont Stakes is relatively straightforward. To learn how to bet on the Belmont Stakes online and earn your chances of winning, all you need is an understanding of the various Belmont betting options and do your research work on the horses themselves. The discussion on the types of wagers available for the 2022 Belmont Stakes will be below.

Win, Place, Show

These betting types are the most common among all Belmont betting options. When you place your wagers to win, the horse you have chosen must outright win the race for you to be paid out. Meanwhile, when you choose a place bet, the horse you’ve chosen must come out in the top two positions. Moreover, when you bet to show, your chosen horse must make it into the top three spots.

Exacta Betting

If you want to spice up your Belmont Stakes betting, you can consider wagering on an Exacta. In exacta betting, you must select two horses that must come in first and second place, given the correct sequence of order.

Trifecta Betting

You can also place a Trifecta wager to increase your chances of winning even more money. The terms for these wagers are identical to those mentioned above, except you’re selecting three horses to place in the first, second, and third in exact sequence. 

Superfecta Betting

Given the correct sequence, the Superfecta betting is run under similar conditions but only with four horses coming in first, second, third, and fourth if you bet it right and have earned the right to call yourself a professional.

Reading Belmont Stakes Odds

Horse racing odds are frequently expressed as fractions, which simplifies math: you divide one number with another, then multiply the result by your bet amount. For instance, the favorite in a particular race may be 3/1, which means a one-dollar wager would yield a three-dollar profit.

Additionally, it is typical to see Belmont Stakes odds posted in decimal format, particularly when the fractions become more complex as the race advances. In that circumstance, multiply your wager by the given number.


As the end of the Kentucky Derby draws near, you are to welcome the final leg of the Triple Crown series this 11th of June. You’re about to witness the most thrilling series of the race, so don’t miss out and place your bets!